RExPO Conference Series

The 2nd International Conference on Drug Repurposing is organized by REPO4EU, the Horizon Europe project to build a European/Global Platform for Drug Repurposing

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What is RExPO23?

The REPO4EU Horizon Europe project currently building a European/Global Platform and Infrastructure for Drug Repurposing will host its 2nd International Conference on Systems Medicine, Artificial Intelligence and Drug Repurposing and you cannot miss it! RExPO23 is the next installment in the RExPO annual conference series and will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, from October 25 to 26, 2023. We are looking forward to share the occasion with such a vibrant community of researchers and innovators. 

Make sure to check the official conference landing page for the latest updates!

What are you waiting for?

Registrations are now open - choose your spot! Ticket categories and prices are listed here. Our registration fee includes access to all scientific sessions, coffee and lunch breaks, conference and award dinners.

Our key topics

  • Network medicine
  • Network pharmacology
  • Precision diagnostics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models and the European Health Data Space
  • Implementation in healthcare
  • Drug reformulation
  • Innovative trials
  • IP - patenting or charity?
  • Regulatory science
  • HTA reimbursement and payers
  • Patient-centered care
  • Global impact and the UN Agenda 2030



The agenda

Two days packed with talks from world-renowned experts in medicine, pharma, drug repurposing, med tech, rare diseases, AI in healthcare, and more! Check out the full agenda here.

Our speakers

REPO4EU and RExPO23 have partnered with professional societies, companies, patent attorneys, legal and ethics experts, biomedical scientists, geneticists, clinical research organizations, regulators, payers, patient representatives and many more! We have multiple collaborations around the world who pool together their knowledge and know how to deliver the best possible outcome in the single major opportunity in drug development, i.e drug repurposing. We have multiple collaborations around the world who pool together their knowledge and know how to deliver the best possible outcome in the single major opportunity in drug development, i.e drug repurposing.



Where will the conference take place?

The RExPO23 Conference will be held at Elite Palace Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. The venue’s full address is: Sankt Eriksgatan 115 – 113 43 Stockholm, Sweden.  If you wish to book your stay at Elite Palace Hotel for RExPO23, please go here for a discounted offer!

How do I get in touch?

For any topic related to RExPO23, please feel free to contact the conference office at



Want to showcase your work at RExPO23? 

RExPO23 will be a one of kind opportunity to rank up knowledge and build up collaborations. Come share your work with us and get the chance to interact with other experts on drug repurposing!

How to submit your abstract

To access the official submission form, just click on the button "Submit a manuscript" on the header of this page. All proposals will be considered for our dedicated Poster Sessions and some will be selected to be featured as Main Talks.

  • Step 1 - Register on ScienceOpen and log into your account: only registered users can submit - make sure you are logged in before starting the submission process!
  • Step 2 - Prepare your submission: you can find our official abstract template here. You’ll need to provide a brief abstract, keywords and references for your proposal. This is the format you should follow to prepare your submission.
  • Step 3 - Start the submission process: once your abstract is ready, navigate to RExPO23's submission form by clicking on the "Submit a manuscript" button on the header. Add in your abstract as an attachment and fill in all the required fields.
  • Step 4 - Under review: abstracts will be reviewed by our editorial team. Some of them may be selected as Main Talks for RExPO23. All others will be showcased during our dedicated Poster Sessions.
  • Step 5 - Fine-tune your presentation: if your abstract is accepted, congratulations! Now is the time to prepare your presentation. The organizing committee will reach out to you to give you all the necessary details to make your RExPO23 experience a success!


The deadline to submit your abstract for RExPO23 closes on 1st October. Please note: late submissions received after the deadline may be considered, but only if the topics proposed in the abstract are perceived as highly valuable towards the conference.



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