Drug Repurposing

Volume 1, Issue 1
03 July 2024
Drug Repurposing
Drug Repurposing Central

Table of contents

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Drug Repurposing20240001
Open Science Publishing for the Drug Repurposing Community20240002
Drug Repurposing: Then, Now, and in the Future20240003
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Drug Repurposing—Challenges and Perspectives20240004
AI-Mind: Revolutionizing Personalized Neurology Through Automated Diagnostics and Advanced Data Management20240005
Big Data-Enabled Repurposing of Clopidogrel for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Using Network Biology20240006
Network-based Multi-omics Disease–Drug Associations Reveal Drug Repurposing Candidates for Covid-19 Disease Phases20240007
Diagnostics for Repurposed Drugs20240008
Philanthropy’s Role in Catalyzing New Uses for Approved Treatments20240009
Using Interventional Pharmacoeconomic Clinical Trials and Outcomes-Based Contracts to Repurpose Generic Drugs with Cost-Savings20240010
How to Conduct a Freedom-to-Operate Analysis for a Drug Repurposing Project20240011
International Drug Repurposing Patent Landscaping, Part 1: Rare Diseases 2010–202320240012
Accelerating Drug Development: Unleashing the Power of Drug Repurposing20240013